Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let them eat cake

Image:Marie Antoinette the movie
Image: Until we bleed

Image: Glamour Chic
Today I just want to lie around being fed cake and sweets while listening to beautiful french love songs. I think I might have been born in the wrong era sometimes I wish I been around to go to masked balls, ride in carrages pulled by white horsses and marry a prince.
Ohh well I guess I can still dream...
Image: blackcigarette
Image: Sofia Ajram
Image: Here comes trouble

How fabulous would it be to fly...
To feel the wind in your hair...
Clouds soaring past...
Image: Let go

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A beautiful night amongst the Stars

Image Source: Backstage beauty
Image Source: Girl on Swing

Today I was in the mood for something sweet

So I found a few calarie-free indulgences to share with all of my favourite lovers...

Image: FUN

Image: City feelings

Image source: He said he would speak to me through lights

I just adore the perfect weather at the moment

It's the most wonderful combination of sunny blue skys with crisp cold mornings...

Twilight is the perfect time of evening to spend snuggled in big, warm, strong arms sitting on the balcony wishing on shooting stars... PURE PERFECTION

Image: grungegypsys

Image: L O L I T A

Enjoy your beautiful night in the stars...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flowers & champagne

Image: v.March

Image: Monkey about

How fantastic are flowers & Champagne?
Whenever I'm feeling sad & low, these two things always cheer me up. I've recently had my heart broken into a million pieces and bubbles & blooms always soften the blow.

Image: Lovesucks

But it's going to be ok...Cos I'm on my way

Image: heartintheclouds

And in the meantime I have fashion.

I will always love fashion and I know that it will allways be there.

The best thing is that fashion is always gorgeous and will never hurt you.

Image: Fashion & Birds

Image: Violeteye

Monday, April 27, 2009

Crazy Beautiful

Once upon a time.... a kingdom far, far away there lived a fashion student named Katie Elle

My name is Katie Elle and there are two main reasons I decided to start playing around by creating this blog. The first is very selfish indeed I need somewhere in the universe that I can share a little aspect of my crazy, beautiful drama filled, fashion obsessed life. The second is just to share a little bit of beauty with the world. I have been inspired by so many fantastic blogs & I think it's time to share a little of what inspires me. Images I adore, stories that made me laugh, songs that made me cry, but most importantly I want to share beauty and remind everyone that the world is filled with so many wonderful things!

I feel that it's only fair to share with you a little bit of who I am to start with. You know, to break the ice! So here come the stats...

Name: Katie Elle
Occupation: Fashion student / drama queen

Colour of eyes: Green
Colour of hair: Blonde

Favourite movie: Romeo & Juliet
Secret Talent: I can tap dance

Love of my life: my puppy Oscar
Favourite food: Ice cream & Coca Cola (yes I know it's not technically a food)

Loves: Fashion, sketching, sewing, dancing all night long, champagne, vintage clothes, the smell of rain, finding the perfect $6 dress to go with your $249 heels, Sipping cocktails in Jazz bars, Pink Peonies, Red nail polish, Anything French, Gorgeous Boys, Dirty Techno music, Festivals, the 50's, cold pizza
Loathes: Having my heart broken, pulling all nighters for study, eating 2 minute noodles of dinner when your broke & horror movies (I'm really more of a lover than a hater)

Okay, okay I think that's enough about me for the moment here are some of the things I'm loving at the moment.

This illustration is by my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE artist atm Kelly Smith.
She is just amazing and she's Australian! Her art work inspires me so much.

I just love her so much that I recently purchased a print of this gorgeous painting "just a fledgeling" from Kelly's etsy shop Birdy & Me : Illustration by Kelly Smith

Ready to fly
"I wish I could press fast forward to see if it was all worth it in the end" - Anonymous