Sunday, September 6, 2009

So you think you know me...

Who do you go to for advice? My mum gives the best advice...she always says the right thing and knows what I should do. Last text message was from?...Hmmm I don't know I think my friend Morgan Do you ever straighten your hair before bed? Yes i totally do. Did the last guy you kissed have any tattoos?Not that I knew of...or could seeWhen your phone rings who do you want it to be?My best friend Jenna or maybe like someone telling me I won the lottery! Any annoying habits?I bite my nails really bad, I'm super messy and I swear alot.When was the last time you were told you were cute?On the weekend :)Are you sober right now?I am (surprised?) Is love really a beautiful thing?I don't know I suppose for some people it can be....but it sure is painful!Long or short hair? LONG LONG LONG!!!!!When's the next time you'll hug someone?Today for sure...I hug people everyday of my life! I'm very affectionate maybe I'm part European?Do you trust all of your friends?No I'm very careful about what I tell peopleHave you kisses anyone in 2009 that meant alot to you?Yes a few people Do you ever smile when you receive a text message?YES and sometimes I even laugh out-loudIf you have to get a tattoo what would it be?I don't ever want a tattoo I change my mind too frequently. If I HAD to it would definitely be written in french.Does anyone call you babe?Yes, but I don't like itHave you dated anyone just for their looks?Hasn't everyone??Best way to die?Happy and youngWhen do you wake up?As late as possible but usually like 7am. :(Will this weekend be a good one? Of course!!!! I have a Ball and a 21st Birthday Are you emotional sensitive? I'm SOOOO Emotional! Creative people are extremely emotional! Could things possibly get any better? Things can always get better Have you ever had someone really hurt you and never apologize? Yes, one very big, very hurtful person Do you miss anyone? Yes my baby dog, Oscar and my family!!! Do you brush your teeth in the shower? Yes my friend Jenna got me started! Who is the last person you ate with? Yesterday I had sushi with my friend Jig for lunch and cooked dinner with my flatmate Gemma. Lucky girl! Are you good at hiding your feelings? I don't know about feelings. I do tend to wear my heart a little on my sleeve but I'm very good at lying I'm so bad! Ever been slapped? No but I'm sure there have been people who wanted to hehe When is the last time you completely broke down? I have this thing where I always have a quarterly breakdown every 3 months I just seem to loose it. The result is alot of tears and sobbing (and usually some throwing up because I'm abusively drunk)

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