Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ok so do you want the good or bad news first?

Halloween Weekend Summary

The Good news: The Boy Ban is still underway!
In short I didn't hook up or anything else ;) for that matter on the weekend.

The Bad News: I didn't hook up mostly due to the fact that I couldn't do anything at all.... That's right ladies and gentlemen I was completely passed out before the party even began. I was puking and passed out before 8pm. I hated my self so much in the morning! Not because I woke up in a different bed in a Hooters outifit with my hair extensions matted into a ball on my head and my shoes still on but because I MISSED THE WHOLE PARTY!!!

You know what, I'm missing that Crazy/Alive feeling that being involved with a guy brings...that uncertainty, the expensive dates, sleepless nights, staying up all night (and I don't mean partying), the cute text messages, waiting for his call, the heart ache, the pain...Maybe I'm just addicted to the uncertainty that liking someone brings. But what I don't know, is if it's really worth it.

I don't like to gamble and to me Love seems alot like a big game of Blackjack. There is always a chance that things will work out and you will win but there is a bigger chance that they won't and you'll loose. But in this game you can loose alot more than your money. There is a chance that you can break your heart as well as the bank.

If love is a casino, we are the players, and pain is the dealer. How do you think that it will turn out in the end if we know that the house always wins. So why do we gamble? I just don't know if I like my odds enough to put all my chips on the table.

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